Saturday, December 13, 2008

I've Fallen, And I Can't Get Up

You. Powerful you. You make my temperature rise while sending chills down my spine. My world spins when you're around, often making me disoriented. I feel you inside me, taking over my body like no other ever has, tears pouring from my eyes I reach forward and I cry out, with every ounce of energy left in my body I cannot grasp.... I no longer feel the floor beneath my feet... I require the strength of another merely to assist in raising my body upright. Please, please release me... let go of the torturous hold you have over my mind and body... 

Never did I dream this day would come, nor that night would fall as it has so hard when you are near. Never did I imagine the possibility of the power that would overcome me by such a strong force that is you, weakening me, crushing me.

How did I let this happen? I was so strong... Was I so careless with myself, so reckless tossing myself right into your destructive path? Could I have prevented this? Surely they say I could have, of course at a cost, but I never thought this day would come - at least not so soon. So how to properly prepare for such devastation? All I can do is weep now, weep for myself, weep over your harmful effect. The pain, too much to bear, takes over every inch of me at different times, paralyzing me most days. Barely able to rise from the comfort that is my bed, rarely capable of leaving the house, I fear you, I fear your hold on me, I fear my body's collapse should your hold engulf me at the wrong place and wrong time. 

All to do now is wait... wait and wait, hoping that enough time will pass quickly so as to not let me miss the world outside I already see passing me by. Feeling chained to my bed, an empty box of tissues nearby, and friends to whom I can only see virtually, I cry again from the pain. Another day, another crippling moment. But the day shall come soon, the day I shall defeat you and your grip on my body and mind. 

You shall disappear, you shall be erased. I can and will overcome, I will rid myself of your grasp. I will remain... long after your disappearance. With all remedies at hand I've armed myself with, you will break - but you will not break me. I will not allow this.  Neither will my loyal soldiers that are my herbal tea, my Sudafed, my Robitussin DM, my Nyquil. You may not call yourself by the name of flu, but I'm onto you. I know your game, your ability to trap those in your path. I will not let you win, terrible cold virus. I promise you will soon be dead to me. 


John said...

well damn. here i was ready to beat someone's ass and take his place. no way i'm filling in for a cold though. too hard an act to follow.

guess my services won't be needed around here ;)

Caroline Ledgin said...

Thanks for the thoughts!! ;-)